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Fees, Types of Requesters and Payment Information

Fees, Types of Requesters, and Payment Information


CPSC's FOIA regulations at 16 C.F.R. § 1015.9 permit us to charge fees for processing FOIA requests.  Fees charged and any fees to be waived are different for commercial-use requesters, non-commercial educational or scientific institutions, the news media or "others," including consumers and plaintiffs' attorneys.   Our fees and types of requesters are as follows:


                   Service                                                   Cost of Service                             
Duplication (Copying)  $0.10 per page
File Searching (Clerical Staff)       $3.00 per each one-quarter hour
File Searching (Professional Staff)                $4.90 per each one-quarter hour
Review  Time  $4.90 per each one-quarter hour
Computer Records (CPU Time)  $0.32 per second and $10.00 per 1,000 lines printed  

Types of Requesters:

Types of Requesters  Explanation
 Attorney-1 You are the legal representative of a manufacturer, retailer or commercial organization 
 Attorney-5 You are the legal representative of a consumer
 Commercial Organization You represent a Commercial Organization (such as , Samsung Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Avon, or Staples)
 Consumer/Private Individual You are the Consumer or Private Individual
 CPSC Employees You are a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission employee
 Educational or Non-Commercial                  
 Scientific Institutions
You represent an Educational or a Non-Commercial Scientific Institution
 Federal Government You are an employee representing a U.S. Federal Government Agency/Commission/Administration
 Foreign Government Employee You are an employee of a Foreign Government
 Insurance Company You represent an Insurance Company (such as AETNA, GEICO, State Farm or Travelers)
 International Government or Organization You represent an International Government or Organization
 Manufacturer/Retailer You are a Consumer Product Manufacturer or a Retailer
 National Organization You represent a National Organization (such as the American Red Cross or the Humane Society of the United States)
 News Media You represent the News Media (Paper, Magazine, Radio, TV or Cable)
 Physician/Hospital You are a private Physician or you are an employee representing a Hospital
 Private Individual You are a Private citizen (but not the consumer)
 Public /School Library You represent a Public or School Library
 Research/Consulting You represent a Research or Consulting Organization
 State/Local Government You represent a State or Local Government
 Students You are a Student (Elementary, Junior High, High School or College/University)

The FOIA and the CPSC's regulations may permit a waiver of fees based on the type of requester.   Waiver requests must specifically explain the intended use of the information and the reasons the requester is entitled to a waiver. 

Payment Information:

Choose your preferred payment method from the drop-down box:

1.  A Check/Money Order can be mailed to (i
nclude your tax Identification number on the check):

        HQ RM #181, AMZ-326
        6500 S. MACARTHUR BLVD.
        OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73169

2.  Electronic check payments can be made at

        - Click the Find An Agency tab,
        - Click on C or scroll down to the C group,
        - Locate and click on Consumer Product Safety Commission
        - Click on the Continue to the Form button
        - Click on the Continue to the Form button (again)
        - Complete the form by entering your information, for the Purpose of Payment (Enter your FOIA Request Tracking #, for example, 17-F-00000)
        - Click Preview PDF to save a copy for your records (if it opened a new Window, once you save the file, go back to the previous window)
        - Click the Continue button to Continue
        - Enter the Payment Information (Date, Payment Amount, Account Holder Name, Account Type, Routing Number and Account Number)
        - Click the Review and Submit Payment button

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