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Check the Status of a Request

Thank you for submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  You can check the status of a request without registering, but to obtain detailed information about the request you will need to be signed into our e-FOIA PAL application. 

To check the status of a FOIA request, you must enter the assigned FOIA request Tracking Number and the last name of the requester (Example:  Enter 17-F-00000 as the Case # and Smith
as the last name of the requester)
Enter the CAPTCHA Image in the box, click Verify and then click the Find

A request goes through several stages/phases during processing.  Some of the status codes for a request during processing are as follows

Status Code



We have received your request submission.  You will receive a letter, which acknowledges the receipt of your request and assigns your request a tracking number. 

On Hold/Fee Related or Need Clarification 

The request has been placed on hold for either a fee related issue or we need clarification about the information you are requesting.


The request has been assigned to a Government Information Specialist for processing.

In Process 

We are processing the request.


We have completed the processing of the request.

Documents Delivered 

Your requested material can be downloaded via the e-FOIA PAL portal or you will receive the material by postal mail.


We have closed the request (letter and/or material sent to requester).







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